Style Guidelines

for Pella Corporation


When do I use the trademark symbol?

In copy, use the trademark on the first mention on a page. Remember, if we don’t use our trademarks consistently, we are at risk of losing them. Please do your part to maintain Pella’s brand identity. See below for the most current Pella trademarks, or contact us at


  • Pella® windows and doors
  • Pella® products
    Note: When referring to the company, Pella is not trademarked.
    Example: Pella Corporation (no trademark).



  • Pella Certified Contractor®
  • Pella Certified Contractor: Logo artwork uses the ®
  • Pella® Commercial Solutions
  • Pella Expert InstallersSM
  • Pella Select Contractor®
  • The Power of Yellow®



  • Encompass by Pella® vinyl windows and patio doors
  • Entry Doors from Pella (Architect Series®, Pella®
    Encompass by Pella™)
  • Insynctive® Technology
  • Pella® 350 Series vinyl windows and patio doors
  • Pella® 250 Series vinyl windows
  • Pella® Architect Series® Contemporary
  • Pella® Architect Series® Reserve
  • Pella® Architect Series® Traditional
  • Pella® Architect Series® wood windows and patio doors
  • Pella® Impervia® fiberglass windows and patio doors
  • Pella® Lifestyle Series wood windows and patio doors
  • Pella® Storm Doors
  • ThermaStar by Pella® vinyl windows and patio doors
    (Lowe's only)



  • AdvantagePlus® protection system
  • Duracast® fiberglass composite material
  • DuraColor® finish
  • EnduraClad® protective exterior finish
  • EnduraClad® Plus protective exterior finish
  • EnduraGuard® wood protection
  • Endura Hardware™
  • Express Install® installation systems
  • HurricaneShield® impact-resistant windows and patio doors
  • InsulShield® Glass Collection
  • Integral Light Technology®
  • InView® high-transparency screen
  • One-Touch Ventilation®
  • Pella® Select® storm doors
  • Pella® Window and Door Installation Sealant
  • PerformaSeal® design
  • Precision Fit® pocket replacement window (PDSN only)
  • ReadyTrim™ window casings
  • Renovation® pocket replacement window (Lowe's only)
  • Rolscreen® retractable screen
  • Slimshade® blinds
  • SmartFlash® installation tape
  • SmoothSeam® interior welded corners
  • SunDefense™ Low-E Insulating glass
  • Touch 'n Hold™ storm doors
  • Vivid View® high-transparency screen


DISCONTINUED MARKS (Stop using them.)

  • Advanced Alternative. Lasting Value.®
  • All-Around Performance.®
  • Architect Series® Classic (Use “Architect Series®” instead.)
  • Basic done beautifully.®
  • Carbonite®
  • CornerView®
  • Designer Series® wood windows and patio doors (discontinued 4/07/19)
  • EnduraBrass® hardware finish
    (Use “Endura Hardware™” instead.)
  • Hassle-Free® (Use “EnduraClad®” instead.)
  • Innovations others can't touch.®
  • It’s not just home improvement — it’s life improvement.™
  • Jamb-on-Sill® (Use “AdvantagePlus™” instead.)
  • Pella® 450 Series wood windows and patio doors (discontinued 4/07/19)
  • SteadyTilt™
  • SureLock® System (SureLock can be used without the registered mark)
  • The Pella Window Store or The Pella Window and Door StoreSM  (Use “Pella Showroom or Pella Window and Door Showroom” instead.)
  • ThermaStar Premier®
  • ThermaStar Pro®
  • Unsurpassed architectural expression®
  • Viewed To Be The Best®
  • Windows Made Easy® (Internal use only)
  • Windowscaping Center® (Use “Pella Showroom or
    Pella Window and Door Showroom” instead.)

Can I use Pella trademarks for sponsorship or co-branded events?

Pella’s Marketing Communications Department will be happy to assist you with approval and supplying the needed materials.


Does Pella have any product or service claims I can use?

Yes… and it is extremely important that you only use Pella’s legally approved and substantiated claims (that’s why we have lawyers). Never create your own claims (or you’ll need a lawyer).



Confidentiality Statement: All of the trademarks, service marks, logos and graphics (the “trademarks”) contained within this Web site are: 1) registered trademarks of Pella Corporation; 2) the exclusive property of Pella Corporation; and 3) intended for use by Pella Corporation and their direct affiliates ONLY. Any unauthorized use of trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features is forbidden without the prior written consent of Pella Corporation.