Style Guidelines

for Pella Corporation

Logo Basics

We’re proud of the strong colors of the Pella logo. It is a very important part of our company’s visual identity.

Logo Guidelines

Logo Downloads

Logo violations


The simplicity of this logo reflects a clean modern

sensibility and can be used on anything external

facing. This includes digital, literature, advertising,

signage, business systems and television/video.



Pella Script


It cannot be used without permission
from Marketing / Communications.




Color Palette



Pella’s official brand colors are yellow and black. We recommend that you visually match the yellow to a PMS (Pantone Match System) 115C color swatch to ensure accurate reproduction. When printing with 4-color process, do not convert PMS 115C yellow into CMYK values. This will give you an incorrect yellow. Please use the CMYK values listed to the right.

Logo Downloads


.PNG – File with a transparent background; use in a presentation or as a web image

.JPEG – File to be used on printed materials for high quality resolution

.EPS – Also called a vector image; use for embroidery and printing on substrates other than paper

.Ai – Also called an Illustrator file; use for large printing use cases, such as billboards or banners

Pella Dot Logo



Click to Download:





Pella Script


Click to Download:






Click to Download:





Don't Alter it.

The logos are Pella’s signatures and stands for the brand. Always use the logos as it is—never change it in any way.

DON’T crop into the yellow dot logo.

DON’T use the logo shorter than 1/2" tall.


DON’T crop off the white rule.


DON’T add thickness to the white rule.

DON'T stretch or change the proportions of the logo. (Look for a perfectly round circle.)

DON'T move or change the registration mark.

DON’T move the

Pella script.


DON’T incorporate or let type touch the logo.


DON’T change the type style or alter the logo in any way.

DON'T use the logo as a graphic element.

DON'T allow art to touch or overlap the logo.

DON’T forget to match Pella yellow to a PMS 115C swatch.


DON’T change the colors of the logo.


DON’T reverse

the colors.

DON'T use drop shadow behind or around the Pella logo.

DON'T use the wrong logo (the old logo from the 1990s). The correct logo is shown above.

DON’T use the “Viewed to be the

best” logo lockup or tagline.

DON'T use the “expanded bull’s-eye” as a logo. It’s only for banners, signage and the back of business cards.


DON'T use the expanded bull’s-eye in place of the Pella bull’s-eye logo. And always include the Pella bull’s-eye logo, too.

DON'T move the expanded bull’s-eye to the right side. It should bleed off the left side.

DON'T move or change the size of the Pella script within the circle.

DON'T rearrange the graphic or change the crop. The expanded bull’s-eye needs to bleed off three sides.

DON'T use on letterhead or ads. It’s only acceptable on banners, signage and the back of business cards.



Confidentiality Statement: All of the trademarks, service marks, logos and graphics (the “trademarks”) contained within this Web site are: 1) registered trademarks of Pella Corporation; 2) the exclusive property of Pella Corporation; and 3) intended for use by Pella Corporation and their direct affiliates ONLY. Any unauthorized use of trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features is forbidden without the prior written consent of Pella Corporation.