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Logo Basics

We're proud of the bright, positive yellow and the strong black colors of the Pella logo. They are a very important part of our company's visual identity.

Logo Guidelines

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Why is using the correct logo so important?

It’s simple, really. The Pella brand logo — also called the Pella bull’s-eye — stands for the Pella brand. It represents the quality of our products, our people, our process and our service. And since the foundation of building a brand is consistency, it’s important that the Pella logo always meets the guidelines in this book.

Can I use the Pella logo for sponsorship or co-branded events?

Pella's Marketing Communications Department will be happy to assist you with approval and the materials needed.

Show our true colors.

Pella’s official brand colors are yellow and black. We recommend you visually match the yellow to a PMS 115C (Pantone Match System) color swatch to ensure accurate reproduction. When printing 4-color process, do not convert PMS 115C yellow into CMYK values. This will give you an incorrect yellow. Please use the CMYK values listed below.








Never use these colors as part of the logo.

It's the Rule.

The approved Pella logo has a white rule around it. This rule is built into the logo and will size up proportionately when you scale the logo. The rule is not visible on a white background. If the logo you have does not include the white rule, contact Pella for an approved logo. Do not add a rule.

How do I use the Pella logo correctly in my layout?

The logo can be placed over a solid colored background with no gradient.

Watch for the white rule.

The logo can be placed over a solid black background with no gradient.

Watch for the white rule.



When placing the logo over a photo, make sure the photo does not compete with the legibility of the logo. Pick an area of the photo that is not busy so the logo will stand out.







Whenever possible, allow a clear space around the logo that is equal to 1/4 of the width of the bull's-eye. Do not crowd it with text — this will distract from the logo.

Print Logos


JPEG (491Kb)


Illustrator EPS (1.1Mb)

This file contains the CMYK and PMS versions of the logo.

Web Logos


GIF (9k)



JPEG (243Kb)


Illustrator EPS (533k)



GIF (9k)

What’s considered a logo no-no?

DON'T use the circle by itself (this is the

#1 offense).

DON'T use the “expanded bull’s-eye” as a logo. It’s only for banners, signage and the back of business cards.


DON’T use the logo shorter than 1/2" tall.


DON’T crop off the white rule.


DON’T add thickness to the white rule.

DON'T stretch or change the proportions of the logo. (Look for a perfectly round circle.)

DON'T move or change the registration mark.

DON’T move the

Pella script.


DON’T incorporate or let type touch the logo.


DON’T change the type style or alter the logo in any way.

DON'T use the logo as a graphic element.

DON'T allow art to touch or overlap the logo.

DON’T forget to match Pella yellow to a PMS 115C swatch.


DON’T change the colors of the logo.


DON’T reverse

the colors.

DON'T use drop shadow behind or around the Pella logo.

DON'T use the wrong logo (the old logo from the 1990s). The correct logo is shown above.



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