Style Guidelines

for Pella Corporation

Logo Elements

Pella Script

Expanded Bull's-eye


Can I ever use the Pella script alone?

Yes, but please adhere to these graphic standards.



DO keep it black, the standard script color. Exceptions can be made for apparel and specialty items. Please contact Pella's Marketing Communications Department for permission.






DON’T alter the angle of the script or the placement of the ®.








DON’T add an outline to the Pella script or fill it with a gradient.

Is using the Pella expanded bull’s-eye a do or a don’t?

It depends. DO contact Pella’s Marketing Communications Department for permission to use the expanded bull’s-eye. It can only be used for banner and department signage and MUST be accompanied by the correct Pella logo.






Here are the no-no’s

DON'T use the expanded bull’s-eye in place of the Pella bull’s-eye logo. And always include the Pella bull’s-eye logo, too.

DON'T move the expanded bull’s-eye to the right side. It should bleed off the left side.

DON'T move or change the size of the Pella script within the circle.

DON'T rearrange the graphic or change the crop. The expanded bull’s-eye needs to bleed off three sides.

DON'T use on letterhead or ads. It’s only acceptable on banners, signage and the back of business cards.

You need to have permission to use the expanded bull’s-eye. Contact us at or 641-621-6120.

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