Style Guidelines

for Pella Corporation


Which fonts should I use?

The primary typeface used by Pella Corporation is Avenir Next. This font represents the basic foundation for all communication of the brand. It is a very versatile font that speaks to an aspirational design brand. The fonts should not be altered in any way (e.g., by adding an outline or a drop shadow).


Font or typography questions? Please reach out to








Avenir Next Bold

Use for headlines or secondary body text lead-ins. Tracking: -30, U/LC


Avenir Next Demi Bold

Use for headlines, sub-heads or to highlight a message. Tracking: 0, U/LC


Avenir Next Regular

Use for headlines, sub-heads and text. Tracking: -30, U/LC

Always set TM as superscript and ® in superscript only when used under 18pt.



Upper Case (UC) or Upper and Lower Case (U/LC) Type Usage

Pella uses both upper and lower case type to convey information in a friendly and easy to understand manner.


•  UC is best for promotions, conveying urgency, importance and adding additional hierarchy.

•  U/LC is best for conveying information in an approachable way. It can be used for headlines and should always be used for body copy.



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