Style Guidelines

for Pella Corporation


Getting approval is easy. And necessary.

Thank you. We appreciate your efforts to care for the Pella brand. Presenting the Pella brand correctly and consistently protects the 90+ years and millions of dollars spent building it. It’s an investment that pays off for all of us — every day. That’s why materials you create independently MUST be approved prior to publication, printing or distribution.


How do I get corporate approval — and why is this required?

Besides jeopardizing the brand, there can be legal implications if Pella’s brand logos, trademarks and claims are not used correctly.

To get your materials approved, simply email


How long will this approval process take?

A minimum of 3 business days for review is required. Items with higher sensitivity and longer length will add additional days of review.

Items that are Pella product specific may also add additional time due to the nature of wanting consistent product information in the marketplace.


Can you give examples of what I should or shouldn’t submit through the review process?

For most creative pieces like a local print ad or newspaper ad, they should all be sent through the approvals process to ensure that the creative is consistent with our brand positioning and proper logo usage.

Direct mail lead generation letters and sweepstakes are sent through the approval process so that we have the proper disclosures and legal terms tied to all of our collateral in market.

Items like signage and truck graphics are available through other avenues with our Pella system. In order to be cost effective and brand aligned, we would like to guide users of our logo in these spaces to the approved vendors for consistency.

For help, contact Pella's Marketing Communications Department at



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