Style Guidelines

for Pella Corporation


Getting approval is easy. And necessary.

Thank you. We appreciate your efforts to care for the Pella brand. Presenting the Pella brand correctly and consistently protects the 90+ years and millions of dollars spent building it. It’s an investment that pays off for all of us — every day. That’s why materials you create independently MUST be approved prior to publication, printing or distribution.


How do I get corporate approval — and why is this required?

Besides jeopardizing the brand, there can be legal implications if Pella’s brand logos, trademarks and claims are not used correctly.

To get your materials approved, simply email


Are there approval forms available for download?

Yes. Simply download or Contact Us.



Is there an easier way?

Yes. Using one of Pella’s approved vendors to create your marketing materials ensures brand standards will be met. For a list of approved vendors, simply go to the Contact Us section of this website.

For help, contact Pella's Marketing Communications Department at



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