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Pella Brand Claims

Pella is focused on providing you with strong marketing messages. We have a variety of claims that can be used with the proper disclosures in your marketing materials.

All use of these claims still needs to be submitted to for final approval.

Claims Guidelines

Brand claims

Requesting Claims

The claims found here have the following guidelines for use:


  1. All claims must be used verbatim, and not taken out of context from their original state.
  2. All claims must be used with their proper disclosure for validity. Any claims used without this can cause legality issues.
  3. These claims are property of Pella Corporation. They cannot be used or represented in any other way.
  4. All claims have a duration of time that they are valid for. Please reference the date of when the claim was posted and take note of when they will no longer be valid for marketing materials.
  5. The disclosure should always be smaller than the font size of the claim, but no smaller than 6 pt.

All of Pella’s claims are housed within an internal database, and therefore are only referenced on this site for marketing collateral pieces. If you have specific needs or want to inquire about alternative options for local claims, please contact



Confidentiality Statement: All of the trademarks, service marks, logos and graphics (the “trademarks”) contained within this Web site are: 1) registered trademarks of Pella Corporation; 2) the exclusive property of Pella Corporation; and 3) intended for use by Pella Corporation and their direct affiliates ONLY. Any unauthorized use of trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features is forbidden without the prior written consent of Pella Corporation.